Journeys of the Heart

"We are constantly creating our lives, the question is - are you consciously creating or only sleepwalking?"

- David Emerald

The American Dream needs to be re-imagined. Too many of us are sleepwalking. We hunger for more time, greater authenticity, and deeper meaning in our lives. We don’t need to be wildly rich or famous to live the life of our dreams. We need to become more mindful: we need to define success individually, each of us for ourselves. We need to act in small intentional ways every day to craft lives that reflect what we hold most dear.

Mindful Expeditions offers support and resources for those who are waking from the collective delusion that more, better, faster will bring happiness.

I welcome those who long to create passionate lives grounded in exceptional self-care - and to build families and communities that are vibrant and sustainable.


Strategic Support for Your Love Life

Foolproof Dating
  • Boldly declare your vision for relationship
  • Define essential attributes and deal-breakers
  • Avoid under/over committing
  • Break unproductive dating habits
  • Learn how to gracefully end a relationship
  • Embrace objective support and accountability
Couples Retreats
  • Create a culture of ongoing mutual discovery
  • Resolve conflicts with respect and compassion
  • Define and re-affirm core commitments
  • Support each other’s individual passions
  • Optimally engage your resources
  • Craft your mutual legacy
The communion our souls seek is the most heroic and divine quest any human can take.
Teri's class "86K: Mindfulness in Action" has given me a much broader view of mindfulness. I now have strategies to weave meaning and intention into everyday actions and a group of like-minded people to support me. This course provides powerful and impactful tools that enhance daily living.
Diane J.
Your work is to discover your work, and then, with all your heart, to give yourself to it.
The Buddha
Does this path have a heart is the only question.
Carlos Castaneda